What have you been procrastinating? I'm here to help you. . .

  • read Ulysses
  • learn to cook
  • practice the piano
  • return the video rentals
  • Ever wrapped your hand around a bunch of uncooked spaghetti and wondered “Am I making too much?” or “Is this enough?” Now you can take that bunch in your hand and plop it on top of the circle that Pastamizer automatically creates for you, based on exactly what you need. First select the number of people, the type of pasta (e.g. spaghetti, angel hair, etc.) your hunger level, and--presto! the Pastamizer algorithm does all the work. All you need to do after is fill in the perfectly optimized circle with a bunch of pasta!
  • make your bed
  • write a novel
  • read War and Peace
  • paint
  • learn about wine
  • link to my friend rod's website
  • clean
  • trim your hedges
  • read Proust
  • start shaving with a straight razor
  • write a screenplay
  • clean the gunk off the bottom of your pans
  • organize your life
  • buy a watch and stop being late
  • register that .com domain name before it is too late and you get stuck with a .net like me!

So turn off your TV and get moving! Or, just keep procrastinating by surfing this website instead of actually doing stuff!

This page will remain just like this until i get around to doing something about it.

- Ben

"what have you been procrastinating? i'm here to help you. . ."

Instructions to make a simple origami stand for a smartphone / phablet / iphone using a page from a magazine.

Imagine you’re on a flight and want to watch a movie on your phablet/smartphone.  Rather than hold onto your gadget the entire flight, why not put down your tray table and make a disposable stand, using the amazing technique of origami?

This set of instructions will show you how to make an origami stand, using materials readily available: an in-flight magazine and your fingers.

No prior origami experience or expertise required!

Includes an amazing origami fold of my own invention: the innovative "snake eating its own tail" fold!

Click here for instructional text, pictures and video.

And/or, buy my Kindle book of instructions for just a couple of bucks!